Welcome to”What sets your heart free!”


My Name is Michelle. I am writing a, blog about lifestyles that set your heart free. Because I feel that if I tell you what sets my heart free, then maybe you can relate or maybe it can help you.

You see I’m one of those that have been through a lot of grievances, and heart aches. Mental abuse, physical abuse, Postpartum depression and depression and then there is anxiety. But some how I have been able to over come some of them.

Therefore, I know some of you can’t quite do that. So, I’m hoping I can put what has happened in my life into a perspective that will help you with yours.

Suicide too me is a thought that really means I truly don’t want to die. I just want someone to just to care.

I was 18 when I thought about it. My Grandpa had just passed. My high school sweetheart was breaking up and playing head games. My mom took my stepfathers side when I ran away and wanted to live with my Dad. She never trusted me. Everything hit me all at once one night. And I almost did overdose myself. But, I called someone to say goodbye. And I’m am here today because he cared. And I barely knew the kid.

Since then I have moved on with my life pretty much with not a care in the world on what people think of me or how they treat me behind my back. If I feel I’m a good person and I’m doing all I can. Then that’s all that should matter too me. No one else.

I’m hoping with this type of blog. That you can give advice too. Comment any thing you want to give in a uplifted encouragement way. That’s what this blog is all about. And to also let people know that we are listening.

3 Replies to “My reason for this blog”

  1. Again, it is nice to meet you Michelle! Wow. What a story. I’m glad someone was able to help you and stop you from taking your own life. I agree with your thoughts on suicide. No man is an island. We crave love and support, need it. I love the message you are spreading with this first post and with your blog.


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