Hello, I’m writing about my son moving to Australia. Because, I really didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about it when he finally admitted he was moving there with his girlfriend, which is now his fiance.

You see, at first it was just a week trip. Then a couple of months go by and he is getting his passport. Then a couple of more months go by, next thing I know, he is getting his Visa. Well, I know you don’t need a Visa for a weeks vacation to go to Australia.

He works and I work, so running into each other is a hit and miss. Even though at this time, he is still living at home. Even so, in trying to get information on what’s really going on, has not been easy.

So, I’m only on surgery leave and don’t go back to work for awhile. And still there is no information on what’s going on. So stooped to ask his girlfriend if she would like to go to lunch with me some time. She let me know that she was really buzy and that maybe we could get together at a farewell party. Well, at this point I’m just even more clueless! So I proceeded to ask her “what farewell party? ” And then she spilled the beans to what was happening.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out why my son hasn’t taken the time to tell me that he was intentionally moving to Australia.

I’m thinking I’ve done something wrong. My mind is just going crazy with incredible thoughts. And when I finally talk to him I’m just a mess with emotions, I don’t know what to say or do.

It turns out. That his girlfriend apparently applied for schooling there and she got accepted. Therefore my son was invited to go and that was that. He is supporting her as well as supporting his self in a whole nother country.

My son in Australia

Needlessly to say, I’m happy for the both of them to take this huge step, in saving on their own and making sure they are stabilised once they get there. It seems his girlfriend has a strong head on her shoulders. And she has a drive in life to do things that will benefit her and his future.

Meanwhile, although, I am happy for them. I’m a mom missing her son, mess. But since they have left and they were safely on the grounds of Sydney’s airport, he and his girlfriend have been keeping in touch and that has set my worries and emotions free.

Until next time. I will be putting pictures up. Hoping you all will enjoy. Until next blog thank you and I hope your enjoying your day.

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