This is what sets my heart free. Being able to take a break from life. After my son left to Australia. I was so emotional and worried and my anxiety was sky rocketing so badly I could not stay home. And be around people who wanted me to think about them. Or be around them. I just couldn’t think.

So, I got away two days after my son took off and was safely landed in Australia.

My mom and I drove down to Lincoln City. Got a nice place called the SeaHorse Lodge. We got a beautiful few of the ocean and was able to watch the sun go down on still waters. It was amazing.

The weather was so nice. Perfect temperatures all weekend long. You really could not ask for a better calming, relaxing feeling. And since I had not been able to walk on the beach since 2015 due to my deteriorating hip. I was able to walk on the beach this weekend with my mom. It felt so good. No pain. Nothing bothered me one bit.

Being able to walk along the beach with no pain set all my worries aside. No one or anything, could change my inner soul in how it felt to be there.

Everyone has their preference in what sets their heart free. Mine is going to the ends of our State and listen to nothing but the waves crashing on the shores of the coastal lines. And watching the waters swell up just to release. It’s calming, it’s mesmerizing, it’s rehabilitating for the soul.

Our sunset on the Oregon Coast is below.

One Reply to “Trip to the Beach”

  1. Beautiful post! I can’t imagine living so far from family, so I understand a little how you feel about your son living so far away. I agree that everyone has their own way of putting themselves into their happy places! Listening to music and reading put me at ease!


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