It’s Wednesday the last week of the month. I asked my son to keep in touch with me weekly to let me know how things are developing while he is over in Australia. My patience is not doing well.

So, here’s what I do. I put funny emojis of fat cats on his messenger of all different kinds of character. Then I sit and wait. I’ve been waiting for a couple of days now. Hoping he is looking for a job or he has found one. It would be so nice if he would just say hi that’s all I need.

You see anitially, I had planned to call my domain to my site. ” My son moved to Australia”. But not all my blogs are going to be about him.

I just know he will contact me soon. I just need the patience to wait for him to.

My son and his fiance are probably at interviews for their jobs they may get. They don’t have a car to get around so the max or train is their go to, to take into town. However, that’s what concerns me. Him and her traveling by themselves, into a new town, around new people, they don’t know. I hope they don’t need as much protection as we do here in our cities.

Oh, I know I’m such a Mom!! But these are concerns that get to me. Yes, I know, he is a grown guy and she’s a grown lady. But it still worries me! Okay?.

Everyone, I have talk too tells me, “Look at it this way. You have a place to go visit” “Now that he is there”. And they say it’s a very friendly, beautiful place to visit. Someone said “if they could have stayed they would have”.

I hope it’s a friendly place more then you know. I can see how beautiful it is. The fact that he lives so close to the ocean is truly amazing. I bet the air is different. The smells are different. I would love to visit him in Australia. But that’s going to be a while.

This was one of the pictures he sent while going through a sanctuary.

And a picture of their Australian coastline.

One Reply to “Patience”

  1. Awww! The pics look beautiful! There’s nothing wrong or weird about how worried you are! If I had a family member living so far away that I can’t travel frequently to see them and we had to communicate through social media I would be acting the same way! 😂 I hope all is going well with him and his fiancé! I wish them all the best! ❤️


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