It’s Thursday, August 29. As I predicted, my son was looking for a job and he had the interview yesterday. He is confident that the interview went well and his fiance may be working at the same place.

They have been exploring the town and city they are in. He says it’s a very nice place.

He says that his fiance makes a plan what to cook and he has been cooking for them quite a bit. So that means he is finally eating.

It’s great that he is getting his meals in. He wasn’t much of a good eater being at home. Always fast food. Because he worked fast food.

The interview was at a restaurant called Harry’s schnitzel. Never heard of it. But you bet I’m going to look it up on line. I hope he gets a job very soon. Her as well. And I hope they don’t ware themselves out doing it.

You see, his fiance is a hyper anxiety. She wants things done, and she wants things done now. She can’t seem to relax. So my son is the mediator. He is more calm and relaxed. I believe that’s why she likes him so much, and he likes her. They motivate each other in different ways.

What sets my heart free in this, is that my son seems happy and I’m happy for him.

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