Hi, I thought I would tell you about my kitties. My very first kitty was what you would call an American black and white wire haired kitty. We called him Marbles. He filled our lives with so much entertainment. Let me tell you.

He was given to me through a co-worker of a store I worked at, at the time. A Sweet lady by the name Sally, had a litter of kitties born in her garage. She waited for the right time to bring a view to the work place on her day off.

As a birthday present, she asked me to choose. And I chose the little, but big kitten out of the bunch with black and white colors. Mostly white so technically you couldn’t call him a tuxedo. I even named him right then and there “Marbles”. She laughed and wandered if I was naming him over his genitals. Needless to say, I said “no! Of course not”. I named him Marbles because of his color. But everyone thought differently, of course, because he was a good size kitten.

Marbles family that came to be

Through the years of having our Marbles, we have had a total six other kitties over his 16 years. In those sixteen years he never hissed at anyone of them.

However, one kitty that we did have he only tolerated. This was our Siamese. She wasn’t a very nice kitty she was found by my son outside. After a couple of weeks of making sure she wasn’t owned and abandoned, I got her fixed. Then she became our queen Bee of the house. We named her KiKi.

After awhile, I had noticed that Marbles was not liking her too much. Kiki had a habit of swatting him in the face when he would walk too close by her. She just was not nice about it.

So, one day I was home from work. I had noticed Marbles following KiKi around the home. And she was running away from him. At that moment, I was not sure what was happening until all of sudden, I heard a welling scream come from the other room. It was KiKi being cornered in our bathroom by Marbles.

Now, I’m not sure if anyone of you have ever heard of a cartoon called “Pepi La Pew” If you have, let me tell you this is what Marbles would do with KiKi. Like the skunk “Pepi” In the cartoon, Marbles would chase KiKi around the home to taunt her. (Unfortunately it wasn’t love) Pepi did it because he was in love with a cat. But the cat didn’t like the skunk in that way.

Marbles was very entertaining in that aspect of things. The rest of the crew, my son’s kitty T. T. (Tackles the Tiger) They were buddies. And her was beautiful tabby Russian type. White with grey and black stipings. Oh, and his eyes they we’re just as stunning.

T. T.

And then there was Minksters. Minksters was a rescue from a cousin of mine that had an unexpected litter of kittens. Could not have come at a better time in my life, due to my Dad passing away just a couple months before.

My son had asked me to get a fisty fun kitty. And boy, did I find one. He didn’t put up with KiKi. He kept his ground with her even as a kitten she wasn’t a nice kitty to him. But he got a long with everyone else. Well, Marbles tolerated and so did T. T..


Minksters, was a cute little bundle of sass. Play, play, play. That’s all he wanted to do. Now he has grown into a wonderful fluffy Maincoon type black cat with one white spot on the chest. And with a very sweet personality.


The are so many stories to tell about these kitties. I could keep going on and on. But these were helpful animals in my journey of loss. They kept me from going insane. I feel. Just another purpose to keep your mind calm, your heart beating.

I will tell more about the others pictured some other time. But for now you know my kitties.

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