Having a fish helps keep you busy as well as being entertained. Ellie is a mail betta (Japanese fighter fish) I have. And boy, has he been a chore to take care of.


You see, I got Ellie over two years ago. And I bought him out of the blue. I work in an environment where a I greet people on a daily bases. So, I wanted a little easy, to take care of fish, to have around my little store that I maintain for retirement home residents.

As you can see below, that that is a very small tank to have a fish in. It’s self draining helps with the bad water. It was a cute set up until I found out that Ellie needed a much better home. I found out that Bettas need bigger spaces and live in very warm water temperatures. So this tank was definitely not going to work for him, if I was going to keep him around for awhile.

Ellie in a beginners tank

I got Ellie in the summer time and the room I would have him in stays pretty warm most of the time. So having him in that 1.2 gallon tank worked for just a little while.

Temperatures fluctuate to much as I learned as far as room temperatures go. And that’s not good for a Betta. So, I found a tank with a filter and then a heater. This time a 2.5 gal. With rocks and decorations and everything. This betta had it all. I even added snails to keep him company.

Come to find out that wasn’t even enough. He needed to be in a 3gal. Tank or higher to be comfortable substantially. Well, he was fine for now.

One week I had to go on vacation. I kind of left the fish in an employees care. When I got back, Ellie’s tail fins were severed and the snails were dead. Something really was wrong. I got the snails out cleaned the tank and changed the filter system completely. The filter was what severed his fins.

What Ellie’s fins looked like once
And what he looked like after

I felt so bad. He was so beautiful! It took some time getting those fins back and even then they haven’t totally returned back to that once before beauty.

Going on two years, Ellie showing some pretty raggedy fins. I can’t for the life of me seem to get his fins back to normal. So I read more on how to take care of my betta. And find all the things he needs to be healthy and thrive as long as I can get him to thrive. Found all kinds of help and tips on Facebook group called “The Betta Keepers”. Anywhere from the best heaters to the best tanks and the best filters, because the tanks that the filters come with are not the best filters. And a found out the difference between a carbon filter and a mesh filter which apparently is better for the fish tank.

I had also found out that just putting a fish in a tank without it being filtered first (cleaned of all is impurities) can harm him and stress him out. That had explained a lot. Because I would completely clean his tank once per month and that was even a bad idea. So pretty much everything I was already doing was shortening his life a little bit more and more.

So when you decide to ever get a Betta a (Japanese fighter fish) make sure you do your research before handling one. It’s very important. Even though I have my betta I’m still looking for ways to to keep him thriving day to day.

In my next blog, I will explain to you all the do’s and don’ts in taking care a of a Beautiful Betta. Because keeping you mind acupied while being depressed or having anxiety something like this can help you too.

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