How to take good basic care of a Betta

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First of all, A Betta is a beautiful Japanese fighting fish. They live in Thailand mostly in and around the rice fields. Yes they are born in mucky waters but have a life span of only three years. Someone has learned about these bettas and how to breed them to keep them alive much longer. I have learned the main basics in keeping a Betta alive for more then 3 years maybe even 5 years.

Do’s and Don’ts

1. Tanks must be 2.5 gallon or higher. No fish bowls of plant vases. Unless that size. You can have plants but they must be movable for the betta. Not stuck inside a cup or vase in side the tank. They trap themselves easily in them and then they get lost and die. Or they turn out like mine did. But you can help them.

2. Heaters: The Betta lives in temperatures of 79° to 80°f any cooler the Betta will develop a disease or get very sick.

3. Now, not all filters are the best for your Betta they like calm waters not flowing rappid water. So a whisper fountain type filter is ideal. Carbon filters are only if your fish is sick or doing a filtration cleaning. Otherwise a sponge filtering is more ideal for the tank.

3. Decore: fresh water decorations only. Seashells are calcium depositing and that messes with the Ph with in the water. You don’t need the extra hassle. Do your research.

4. Test kit for detecting PH balance, ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates within the water, these have to be determined because that’s what keeps the fish from dieing and from catching a disease. You can find this test kit on line on Amazon or at your nearest pet store. But much cheaper on line.

Once you have set up your tank and cycled your water to the perfect PH. And no ammonia. Then your ready for your Betta to be put in its new home. I say all this before you bring your betta home because the water needs to be cycled and filtered before putting in your Betta. It’s so worth it. Because Bettas are very unique and a fun fish to have. I’ve learn so much on line. So therefore, I’ve sumed up a lot. You can take this information or look “Betta fish keeping” on line. Where I found most of my info. Was on Facebook Betta fish keeps a group. They have files of information at the tip of your fingers.

Now for the basic Don’ts; Bettas are very fisty. The females are bred in a pool together with other bettas but they have many hiding places from one another so they don’t fight. In a home based tank they prefer that your betta is either on its own or they are with other kinds of fish that a Betta won’t fight with. There is a list of those on line too.

You see, a Betta is a carnivorous fish, they love to eat meat for food. Blood warms, bug bits, shrimp, things like that. Therefore, when you see a Betta in a pet store you will find most of them in their own little cups which they should not be in for long periods of time. It’s cruel for them to be in such a tiny place. They’re life span decreases each day they live in those cups.

Wow! That just makes you want go out and buy them all! Doesn’t it? Any way they are separated from their own kind because they are jealous of the the other Bettas colors and beauty and they will fight to kill them.

My Betta in a 3.5 gallon

Hope you enjoy your Betta as much as I do mine. Need any more info. Just let me know.

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