I don’t want to leave my Job

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I really like my job. It didn’t start out that way. A job was a job until I started working for a pharmacy that delivered to residents around our neighborhood.

You see, I maintain two little stores for a grocery store company. Those little stores hold necessary items for the people not to have to drive to the store to get. Plus they can pick up their pharmacy medication from there too.

This is such a convenience for them I’m enjoying it. Being the age I am going 50 years. I find this very rewarding. It helps people with disabilities and the people who no longer drive. They really rely on such things.

So what if I drive one 1 hour and 10 minutes to my job. (I used to live just 10 minutes away, but I met a guy and that’s another story). Even though my hours have been cut down to only 3 days a week. I still come out and serve these people. Because they have served their time in this world. It’s time something in their life serviced them back.

These retirement homes are aquipt with all kinds of amenities from things to do to being bused to a doctor appointment. And in the two I go to they have their little store. Then some have their own banks or ATM’s. It’s almost paradise for them.

They are also very expensive. They service 3 meals a day at extra cost. And if you want to go anywhere without it being schedule it cost you. Having food brought to your door it will cost you. It’s like a hotel in ways. If you want to eat in the restaurant in the hotel it will cost you.

Supervised living is insurance paid but not all. You better have $7000.00 or more a month if your insurance does totally cover the expense. Yes, I did just type $7000.00 or more for supervised care. If they have to take care of your medicine or give you a bath or help you to the bathroom or change your clothes. You are going to pay for that help.

But yet I come and try to make their living a little easier. By helping the independent living not to have to go so far as to get into their car to go to the store because I’m right outside their apartment door so they don’t have too.

Now the district I live in has only one store that does this. Others are independent people who go into a retirement home pitch a suggestion to have a convenient store. The store I go through has a pharmacy willing to bring meds to the little store for the elderly to come pick up.

Not all the grocery stores do this. It’s a profit game on their part. The company that runs a grocery/department store would get a great benefit out servicing these people if given a chance. Not looking at the profit more of looking at the services of it. To me and to the people being serviced it’s very beneficial.

But I live 67 miles away. And it’s getting harder on my budget with the gas prices an all. And soon I’ll be having to leave this job if I don’t find another income before.

Even though I now live that far. The drive is highway all the way scenery is beautiful when sun is making its way up for the day or sun is going down it’s a very relaxing drive. Gives me time to think about things and that space time before I get home end of day thing.

These type of things set my Heart free. Hope you are enjoying my bloggs. It’s been fun. I hope to keep doing this for awhile.

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