What does Music do for you?

Music is sounds of both happiness and sadness. I listen to music when ever possible. Because people out there just talk way too much in my life. And it stresses the inner soul within you to nothing.

Music to me replenishes that inner soul that is stressed. To set that soul free the sounds of the music just penetrates with soothing sounds. Some with open your eyes sounds and some with hatred sounds. Sounds in most cases that make you feel and think.

Music I believe is very essential to your mind, heart and soul. This is why I listen. I listen, when I’m happy, I listen when I’m angry, I listen when I’m sad, I listen when I can’t sleep or think straight. It helps almost as good as a therapist. It’s Free!!

So, no matter what’s going on in your life, take a listen to music once in awhile and see what it does for you. I know it’s another thing that I have in my life that sets my heart free from being depressed or have anxiety.

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