What are friends?

Friends are people you can relate too. Be open with. Walk into their home like it’s your home. They are family. They talk to you like your a person of equal value.

People who think you are of equal value to them are special. Yeah sure, there will be certain things a person may not like of you, but they never hold it against you. And that’s what a true friend is.

Too bad a relationship can’t be that way. It could if you were to try and make it that way. But when you have a lot of dislikes of one another it’s hard to be a friend because you looked apon as a criticizing person not as a friend trying to help the other. There are a lot of sensitive people out there in this world.

I find having a friend can be great for your health as long as they are honest and straight forward and has no problems with your habits. No matter what they are.

A good friend is giving without expecting any thing in return. A person that loves you as a family member. Takes you in when your feeling down no matter how you got down. Now see that’s hard for some people. Being there for a friend that constantly puts themselves in a position where they caused themselves to be hurt or in trouble.

Being there for a friend no matter what. Not criticizing them and reminding them what they did wrong is the best friend a person can have.

So, if you have a good friend remind them how important they are to you and never forget and appreciate them for being there for you.

This what sets my Heart free. Enjoy your day.

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