Well, just like have said many times there are reasons for everything and everyone that comes into our lives.

I’m still figuring out the reason I know this person and are with this person. He is very loving to me yes. Hard working yes. Giving yes. Helpful very.

But there is a side of him I do not care for. He is very mean to his animals. He doesn’t know when they need something or if they are sick. He doesn’t take the best care of himself. He has always a better story then someone else. Thinks he better at things then everyone else. And he thinks he knows more then anyone. And is never wrong at what he does.

Now I’m finding it hard to bring my wall down to be more open to him. And he knows it. He is very perspective on knowing me. But he doesn’t really know me. He thinks he knows me. But he doesn’t care how I feel about things. This man complains more then any man I have ever known. So if I complain it is ignored. I feel I’m just here for the ride.

He says he loves me. And I feel that he does. But his senerio of it all is he works his ass off and does everything around the house and for me. That I should be there no matter what.

Well, he has done things, said things, that have made me not like him and I feel I’m losing touch with my love for him.

He has never hurt me physically. Most of the time when it comes to certain things he has no clue what he is talking about. He speaks before he thinks all the time. I can’t tell him he is wrong about things because he doesn’t want to learn from me. He’d rather learn from another man. He thinks woman are stupid.

So, where am I going with this. Well, this guy really doesn’t set my soul at easy being with him. And if there is a guy your with that seems to be like this. Then I highly recommend you think of leaving unless your in a position where you can’t. Then make a plan. I am.

No one deserves to be treated like they are not being listened too. Or feeling like they are only there for one thing or purpose. I know they are known to be a very nice person but you wonder way his other siblings don’t really talk to him.

When a person makes things up to be liked in the crowd. Then something is wrong. He lies, for one. He likes attention, for another. No one can get in a story of their own when around this man. He always has the last word.

Being with someone who truly loves you. And is totally selfless. Doesn’t lie. Doesn’t tell stories to get attention. That’s giving with no getting. That’s the man to have in your life. I know they are out there. My son is one of them. And I’m the giving and don’t mind receiving but don’t expect it.

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