Telling the Truth

What happens when you tell the truth? Well, it seems for some to get you where you need to be mentally. It also seems to take you to a very depressing state also. I say this because, when you tell the truth some times it hurts the ones you love and then some.

How do you get someone to realize what they have done without hurting them. Well, you can’t. And I have always figured if they can’t handle their own truth. Then that means they don’t care who they inflict their treatment on how they treat people.

Truth is mostly the wrong people do. So therefore this is something people don’t care to admit. Because it’s a darkness within them that they don’t want to see or know about.

I don’t know about you but yes, I have done wrong in my life. I’m not perfect. I do not ever claimed to be. But I guess I make a stance in things that are ment to be done in away that others find themselves not doing and therefore they find me perfect.

No one is perfect. There are things that are ment to be assisted with in a certain way and if it is not then everyone is wrong. Like when someone does you wrong. Most of the time you shrug if off. But yet it still lingers in the back of your mind that it was very rude of that person to say things to you in that way, or corrected you in front of others was just disrespectful.

If people would admit to their wrongs in life more would get a long in life. But it just doesn’t seems possible anymore. People get angry at each other even if they are in the right mind of what they have done. And in the wrong mind of what they have done.

So, why is is so hard to tell the truth? I don’t find it hard to tell the truth. I am a truth telling person. Sure I have my little white lies. But mostly I tell the truth whether it’s the way I feel or don’t feel, I tell the truth. It gets people’s attention and it also puts you in perspective with life.

You see if you continue to lie about things it becomes the truth in your mind. And that is not a great thing. If you continue to tell stories that are not true. It makes it impossible to get to know you and for who you truly are. Don’t you want people to know the real you? I do!

Some of you like to hide who you really are. Okay, that’s okay! But you do not need to lie. If someone truly cares for you, you shouldn’t have to lie. If the person isn’t really that interested in you. Still just be you. Just don’t say much. Then you don’t need to lie.

There is nothing wrong with telling the truth. If it’s what your feeling then let it be known. Put it in a journal. Or in a blog. Do not ever hold it in side and let it eat you up. If it’s something you did then some how make up for it. If it’s something someone else is doing but you don’t want to get them into trouble. Put it down in a journal.

Never hold the truth within. Not if it’s going to depress you. Or stress you out. Or give you anxiety. Because it can do all of those things to you.

Let the truth out. Who cares if it hurts others it’s out it’s off your shoulders and if it’s about someone let them dwell on it. If it’s a bad thing you shouldn’t be holding the burden of the anker. Just let it out. And let it go.

It wouldn’t be an issue if something hadn’t happened in the way it happened. But because it happened your thoughts dwelled and you suffered the toxicity of it all.

What’s sets my Heart free is telling the truth. It could be for you too.

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