Life as a Mom

I believe a mom should be loving, patient, kind, caring, devoted to their child they bring into the world. All of that reflects the up bringing into the childhood.

Being a single mom isn’t easy, but it can be done with one child maybe two. But more then one remains to be seen. Knowing a single mother, I have that experience.

I managed being a single mom. I didn’t get help from family. Only when I needed to move from one place to another. The first five years I did child care. Then I sent my son to school. And worked up the road.

Kept my jobs for long periods of time. Even though my son was sick a lot. I managed. I was there when he needed me. My job as a mom was very clear to my surroundings.

I felt that what I didn’t have with parents I gave to my son. I lived for my son. Some people say that my son became a mama’s boy. Will I got news for you. Mama’s boy it had to be, there was no father around. This boy knew how to do things for himself by the time he was ten years old. When you don’t have a father around to help I taught my son to help himself.

Ever been told you baby your kid too much? Well I have. And I call it compassion. Not babying. Every one has their way of loving a child. I had to be both a mom and dad to my son. And he appreciates it highly. And understands me more then anyone I know.

My son never tested the waters with me. If he did something wrong and I did not approve. He never did it again. Now is that respect or what?

Family members looked down on the way I raised my son. But he never got into trouble when I was around. He tested others but found out others didn’t like it and he never did it again. I guess they never caught on to how he worked.

I didn’t just yell at my son. I explained to him why it was wrong and why I wasn’t happy with him. If he pushed my buttens. He got a chair and a spanking. Then time out in his room. He really hated being in trouble.

I think I have maybe spanked my child maybe five times in his whole life. That’s how good of a boy I ended up having. So he was loved and pampered more then most kids I guess.

But no matter how rebellious kids are they still need to be understood and loved and cared for no matter who or what they become. Because you are the parent and you are their first teacher in life. They are only following you.

And if they don’t follow you but have turned out to be a decent person for themselves in life. Then you have done your job as a mom and dad in their eye’s. When they move out and they are safe health wise and to others then all that’s left is to support them in their trials and errors through life. Now, they make their own choices in how they live it.

It’s always going to bother a mom with a son or daughter who lives continents way from home. Because that’s just the way her mind is, to always be able see and touch her child no matter how old they are in life. On birthday’s and Holiday’s not seeing your son or daughter is truly hard to take in and get use too. But we have to accept and support no matter what.

I feel I did what I was set out to do as a mom. That’s what sets my heart free in my life. I’m still a mom no matter where my son is. You will always be their acceptance as long as you accept them for what ever or where ever they chose to be in life.

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