2020 is a New Year

I know it seems so rational to have a New Year’s resolution. But you end up wondering what this year is going to be like or you make a plan for what it’s going to like. But then that plan always seems to fall through the cracks. Somewhere your thoughts have changed course. Now what?

Your first thought losing weight. Okay, you started to do so, but what happened? Nothing happened. Just no encouragment. So you just move on. Do what you normally do and just gradually hope it just comes off. You can hope. And some will, just have to be patient.

As for the rest of your resolution. Some of you have new one’s, some of you have old one’s. I have a new one. To stop letting people get to me. A force of habit! And I have dwelled with it for years.

Now for some, you just can’t help it. Like when someone in your family has just decided that you are no longer in their life. Now that’s a tough one. How can you not let that get to you? Especially when it really had no purpose to happen just selfishness.

I understand people have their problems with other people. But if it’s over just the fact the person is better then the other. And doesn’t feel that them being around the other person is up to that persons standards. I’m sorry, that’s wrong. No one is perfect.

If you have a member of your family that is too good for you to be around. Then be glad your not around them. If you did absolutely nothing wrong to be excluded from their life. Then be glad. It hurts, yes, you can’t see your niece’s or nephew’s that’s wrong. But it’s not about you. It’s about them.

Same goes with someone closer to you. You know who they are. But they don’t truly know who you are. They feel that they have done all they can to raise you or support you and you look down on them because they truly haven’t been there for you. But the thing is they feel you could of done better. They feel you are someone totally different then you are. Your not giving you take. Your not trying, your being lazy.

Well, if you feel your doing what is best for you. Then let them believe what they want to believe. If you feel you are different then what they make you out to be then you don’t need them to tell you who you are. You know who you are. When your a good person in your eyes. And you are not hurting anyone, not even yourself, then you are doing just fine. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

You are not alone. This is what sets your heart free. May your New Year be your destiny. Who cares what others think of you.

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