This Christmas was very unusual. I didn’t go to the Christmas Eve party that I usually do every year. With my son in Australia I’m emotional and really couldn’t be around others.

But that’s not all why, sometimes things interfere with family gatherings so therefore this year just wasn’t a good year to be around everyone.

Family just isn’t the same when people are missing from the group. Some have passed, some live too far away. When it’s a newly thing. It’s very fresh in your mind and it just isn’t comfortable or the same without them.

Missing your loved one is so hard on the soul. Nothing seems to help regain your happiness during the Holidays. The Holidays are almost none existing. Because your mind can’t seem to go beyond your thoughts of the people you miss.

We had a good Christmas Day. My guy fixed up a hardy dinner we took it over to his mom’s, now that she is living alone. Her home was very inviting. It made things in the thoughts go away for a while. Her home is small so it was only the four of us. My guys son, her, my guy then I.

It was a very nice evening with just the four of us. Good food, nice conversations. That’s the way it should be. Everyone has someone they miss so, we need to remember that we are not alone with these feelings. Everyone around you has someone to miss. We don’t always show it. We just make our day as tolerable as we can. Because it’s just a few hours. Then it’s going to be just another day.

This is What Sets Your Heart Free. I hope you all had good Christmas Day. And are looking forward to the New year.

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